Friday, January 9, 2009

Grilling Goodness #13

Time for at least the once weekly blog of terrific Q & A by Tina.

1. What's your 'dream machine' - as in vehicle? Do you think you'll ever own it?
A luxury sedan like BMW or Mercedes. Maybe someday I will own it.

2. Can you water ski?
Haven't ever tried and don't think I ever will, I am NOT so coordinated.

3. What kind of milk to you prefer?
I don't drink milk but if I were going to it probably would have to be 2% but I keep skim or 1% at my house.

4. Have any of your pet peeves 'gotten your goat' this week?
none that I can think of

5. How do you prepare your taxes? HR Block, Turbo Tax, by hand - or does someone else do it for you?
We use TurboTax

6. Did you start a workout program this New Year?
Not yet, I have been eating a lot better, and haven't had sweet tea or mt dew in 5 days. I actually hurt my knee @ a year ago and just keep letting it go because it wasn't a constant pain, but now it is REALLY bothering me, so I might have to get that checked out before I can do too much.

7. Do you have a certain meal that you cook each and every week?
No not really, I need to change it up a little. One of my goals this year is to try 1 new recipe per week. (suggestions are welcome)

8. When do you normally write your blog posts?
Whenever the mood hits me.


My Goodness said...

A girl should dream big! :)

Hey...sometimes I'M not so coordinated either! lol

Yea, get that knee checked. Great job on skipping the high calorie drinks!

Have a great weekend, Mindy!