Friday, October 31, 2008

Grilling Goodness #5

1. Is there anything peculiar about the way you sleep?
I sleep on my side with the covers up to my chin and I am a cover and a bed hog. And I have allergy issues, so according to my husband I sometimes breathe like a dragon (LOL). I make a horrible bed mate.

2. Are you in with the you own something with giraffe print?
No, don't think I will any time soon either.

3. What color do you have the most of hanging in your closet?
probably black, supposedly its slimming.

4. In the spirit of all the candy that will fly around today...what is your favorite kind of candy?
Minature reece cups

5. Is your thumb green or are you a plant killer?
I kill plants.

6. Do you have a crazy pet story?
At our old house we had a stray cat that we fed because my husband is a cat lover. This particular cat would slobber whenever you would pet him so my husband named him Slobber. Well slobber got in a fight and had a huge sore on his head so my husband took him to the vet and the vet prescribed some medicine. My husband took it to Wal-Mart to have it filled and when it was ready they paged, " Slobber Furr your prescription is now ready." (Furr does happen to be our last name.)

7. Did you ever tight-roll your jeans?
Of course

8. Does your family read your blog?
My sister does, but she is probably the only one


My Goodness said...

Slobber Furr, that's hilarious! :)
poor Chris...he sleeps with a cover-stealing dragon, ha!

Have a great weekend!!

aevans said...

I read them too! Very interesting! I remember that cat, and I remember the icky sores on his head. Ew!