Friday, October 3, 2008

Grilling Goodness #1

Thanks Tina for the thought you put into this, its fun getting to read what you and others answer.

1. Do you snort when you laugh?
When I laugh really hard yes, and then that just makes me laugh harder

2. Do you have any idea might have to google it see what I can learn.why we don't sneeze in our sleep? Wild guess?
I have never ever wondered this and have no clue why we don't , now I might have to google it and try to find out

3. Do you give much thought to astrology?
No, its just general mumbo jumbo that anyone could read into and make relevant in their life.

4. What is the most expensive thing you've purchased this year?
New flooring for the living and dining room, but I am getting ready to purchase new furniture.

5. What kind of shampoo do you use? Loyally?
Currently John Frieda Luxurious Volume, which I like, sometimes I use herbal essence (although it has yet to make me feel like those girls in the commercials) or sometimes Sunsilk, mostly I am always searching for extra volume and something that will not make my hair a grease pit by 6pm.

6. Whose music are you really diggin' right now?
Keith Urban and whatever is playing on the radio in the background. I should really pay more attention.

7. What is your favorite thing about the Fall?
Jeans and sweatshirts, cooler weather (but I don't want it to be too cold) and Thanksgiving

8. Do you have a GPS?
My husband works for Rand McNally and is a walking map himself (or so he likes to think) so usually we use a map or atlas, but occasionally if we go somewhere we are both unfamiliar with, then we borry Maggie Magellan from Chris' parents.


My Goodness said...

OH! New furniture, I'm jealous!! :)

I'm with you on the jeans and sweatshirts...comfy in the cool weather.

You have a walking map for a husband and I have a walking almanac of useless knowledge. He knows ALL kinds of facts about crazy stuff...he could win Jeopardy!!

Thanks for playing!!