Friday, June 26, 2009

Grilling Goodness

Thanks to Tina and her Texas friend!

1. When you were growing up dreaming of having children...dreaming of what their names would be...did you stick with those names?
No I didn't, I used to always name my babydolls Emily Michelle and that is not my daughters name.

2. Are you affected by the death of Michael Jackson?
Affected? Well I think it is sad, he has some good old music, but sadly he had become very strange. But would I say his death affected me? No.

3. Do you use your dishwasher and your fireplace?
Opted not to get the fireplace in our house because of the weird place the builders would've put it but we probably wouldn't have used it anyway. Yes my husband (and I occasionally) uses the dishwasher.

4. Have you ever been on a mission trip?
No I have not.

5. Will your kids participate in a Vacation Bible school this summer?
Not sure they have that at our church.

6. What about the economy is affecting you the worst?
Well my husband was unemployed from Jan 1 to TODAY!!!!! So that was affecting us the most, although thanks to Dave Ramsey and unemployment we weren't doing so bad. But he got offered an awesome job today, praise God!

7. Do your kids do chores?
Bailey sorts the laundry and whatever else I tell her to do.

8. Do you use energy efficient light bulbs?
Not yet the other ones haven't gone out yet.