Friday, June 12, 2009

Grilling Goodness

Thanks as always Tina, I love the questions even if I have been a slacker lately!

1. What's the heaviest thing in your purse?
My camera, although it really shouldn't stay in there, at least it will be handy should I need it.

2. Do you mostly use cash or debit/credit cards?
Cash, because thats what Dave Ramsey says. Sometimes debit, but NEVER credit cards.

3. Do you cut your hair shorter in the summer or pull it up a lot?
We have a convertible, so I actually let it grow in the summer so I can pull it up and not have to deal with the tangles. But I am scheduled for a haircut tomorrow and am contemplating cutting it off, I haven't had a haircut since Feb.

4. Do you like your man scruffy or clean shaven?
Definitely clean shaven

5. What have your children done/said to embarass you lately?
Nothing that I can think of, but I am sure she did plenty when she was smaller.

6. Do you use plug-in type air fresheners around the house?
Yes I like glade clean cotton, smells like I actually keep up my laundry :)

7. Do you have any interest in the NBA or NHL finals? (Do you even know who's competing?)
NBA is the Lakers and the Magic, but I really only know this thanks to the husband and the ESPN that is constantly on our tv. And does anyone really care about the NHL?

8. What is weighing heavily on your mind lately?
My husbands continued unemployment (he lost his job in January). He has a second interview with a company on Tuesday which we feel would be a great fit for him, so I ask that everyone please pray for him and this opportunity.


shopannies said...

My camera is always in my purse as well love to keep it with me for whatever I need