Monday, January 26, 2009

"M" things I love

My friend Tina from Golden Goodness played this little game on her blog today. The 'tagger' gives the 'taggee' a letter...any 'ol letter...and the 'taggee' has to write 10 things they love that begin with that letter.

So I requested that she give me a letter and she granted me the letter 'M'.

Mountain Dew

Manning brothers (Peyton and Eli)

Mashed Potatoes

McDonalds sweet tea and french fries


Mexican food

Montery jack (cheese is yummy)

Mon amour (my love in french)

Mobile phone


I have to say the letter M was very hard for me. Let me know if you want a letter.


My Goodness said...

OH NO, it was hard?!?
You did such a great job!!!

Mmmmm....Mexican Food....mmmm

see...M was EASY!

My Man!

Smiling Shelly said...

MMmmm! If I had the letter M I would choose McFlurry!! YUM!!

You did a great job with the little ol' letter M :)

PS. I would love to set you up to view Sugar's blog but in order to do that, I need to get your email address.

Talk to you soon!

MDearing said...

You did great! I had D. It took me a couple of days to think on what I really loved (some are major likes.)