Friday, December 19, 2008

Grilling Goodness #11

1. What pain reliever do you swear by?
Used to be Ibuprophen but due to ulcers I am banned from using anything but tylenol. I like the Tylenol rapid release (wal-mart brand of course)

2. Have you gotten up-to-date with a flat screen HDTV?
We have what was the latest and greatest @ 7 years ago, which is not good enough now (or so says my husband who is anticipating getting a new tv soon, after he gets a new job of course.)

3. Have you honked at anyone lately?
I would have to say probably so, I am a honker.

4. What is your favorite household product?
The magic eraser is pretty cool. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE lemon pledge (mostly the smell).

5. What is the earliest you've gotten up this week and why?
I get up at 5:45 every weekday morning and that is way to early in my opinion.

6. Do you travel out of town for Christmas?
We travel about an hour and fifteen minutes to my husbands grandparents on Christmas Eve.

7. Have you been listening to Christmas music? (Favorite?)
OF course. My all time favorite Christmas song is Away In a Manger. I know my sister will say the same in her blog (if she does it), but I also like Home for Christmas by Steven Curtis Chapman

8. When do you exchange gifts with family?
Yesterday with my dad and his wife, the sunday before Christmas with my mom and her husband, Christmas Eve with my husbands family, Christmas Day at home and with extended family at my aunts house.


Alicia said...

I love the smell of lemon pledge too! Oh, and gotta love magic eraser!!

Have a wonderful Christmas!!


My Goodness said...

2. Ha, that's some motivation for a job...get a new tv!

5. I AGREE!!

I love Away in a Manger...especially sung by my children!

I hope you have a great weekend!! Thanks for playing!


Amy said...

1. It's Walmart brand for our family too...We like to joke: "Well, it's nothing but second best for our family." ;)

3. I am probably what is known as a honk-ee. I think I get honked at more than I honk. LOL!:)

4. The Magic Eraser is awesome!

Merry Christmas!
God Bless,

Cheryl said...

You are right I love "Home for Christmas". I miss Mammie most this time of year!!!