Sunday, July 20, 2008

Things that make me smile

Not a lot of time tonight but I am home alone for the rest of the week so I am sure I will post a better blog sometime this week, but here is a list of random things that make me smile (in no particular order.)

Baileys giggle

How beautiful and intelligent Bailey is

The smell of Mens Lucky You (it reminds me of my first date with my husband)

The smell of Irish Springs as my husband gets out of the shower

New episodes of Greys Anatomy

Seeing how much my neice getting bigger and learning everyday (even if the little stinker refuses to even try and say my name)

New Shoes (thanks to my MIL I will be wearing a new pair tomorrow)

A new box of crayons (the more colors the better)

Finding old friends online or new ones at Cropical Paradise

When my husband gets nostalgic about silly stuff and acts like a kid

Hugs... I like hugs

Football season will be here before we know it. GO COLTS!!!!

Sappy love songs

A good deal

A good steak

Chick Flicks

A good haircut

Long hot baths

A good book, one that you can't put down until you finish it


My Goodness said...

Nice first post! Welcome to blogland!! :)

Cheryl said...

I like it! But, I think you forgot to mention my SNL impression. : )