Friday, December 12, 2008

Grilling Goodness #10

1. How many Christmas parties have you attended or will you attend?
Well, it depends on how you define "party". I have 4 family things, 2 of which are actually hosted at my house this year and one thing with my friends from high school.

2. What is your favorite dish to take to a party?
Some kind of dip or dessert usually. (Easy)

3. When you're at home and your feet are chilled, do you wear socks or houseshoes?
I always wear socks at home. I love fuzzy thick warm socks in the winter.

4. What are your plans for this weekend?
Tonight dinner with my favorite cousin and shopping for the last few things I need for Christmas, tomorrow scrapping all day (well actually I am crafting Christmas presents) at Lasting Legacy, Sunday grocery and cleaning for the first of the Christmas gatherings.

5. What is the most expensive Christmas gift you are buying for your children this year?
I bought a lot of little things really since Chris' grandma and grandad (thankfully) bought her the expensive thing she was wanting.

6. Do you have a family portrait made each year?
No, at some point I get Baileys picture taken (she's the cutest anyway), but I am happy with very few pictures of me.

7. Do you drive your kids around looking for decorated homes?
Not yet this year but usually.

8. What is your least favorite thing about cold weather?
Bulky coats. I hate bulky coats, I usually just wear my Columbia fleece jacket. But I did score a new wool coat retail $200 for only $45 that I am getting for Christmas (thanks again to Chris' grandma.)


My Goodness said...

Yay for parties!!!

Have fun tomorrow!!

5. GREAT!!!

8. I don't like a big'ol coat either...I want a coat probably just like the one you're describing!!

Have a great weekend, friend!