Friday, August 29, 2008

Touchdown Taco Dip

Ok here's the recipe for the touchdown taco dip.

1 16 oz container sour cream
1 8 0z block cream cheese
1 packet old elpaso taco seasoning
2 medium tomatoes
1-2 cups finely shredded taco blend cheese
lettuce (optional, I opt not to have it)
black olives (optional, I don't like them so I don't)

Mix together sour cream, cream cheese, and taco seasoning until well blended and lumps are gone ( I use the hand mixer to make it more smooth)
Spread mixture into the bottom of a round dish ( I use a pie pan)
Sprinkle cheese evenly on top, then top with other ingredients of your choice (my family only eats with the tomatoes)
Serve with tortilla chips